My Thoughts on Computers in the Classroom

13 Jan

Since this is my first blog post I thought it would be fitting to write my initial thoughts on computers in the classroom.  I am assuming that my ideas will continually change and develop as I progress through the course.  I think it will be interesting to compare my first blog post with my final reflection at the end of the semester.  Anyways, here are my thoughts on computers in the classroom.

Since entering University I have been bombarded with many views on computers in the classroom.  Some of my professors felt students spent too much time playing on computers and should spend more time being active. Other professors felt technology should be used in every possible way in the classroom.  My ideas were continuously impacted by the thoughts of my educators.  However, I always came back to the conclusion that there must be a balance when using computers (or any other tools, resources, materials, etc.) in the classroom.

Through my experiences with children, in a variety of settings, I have found that they love to work with technology, especially computers.  I often used computers during my internship and every time I brought the laptop cart into the classroom the students reacted the same way.  They literally would jump up and down and squeal with excitement.  They had so much fun while working on the computers that I rarely had to deal with any off-task behavior.  I liked using the computers in all subject areas but I was especially pleased with their impact in Numeracy.  Many students expressed great difficulty in Numeracy but through different Math games and computer programs, math concepts seemed to “click”. I thoroughly enjoyed using computers in my classroom and believe that they can have a powerful impact on student’s learning.

I would like to share with you a website that has a large variety of Math games organized according to curricular outcomes.   I liked the organization of the games and the students loved playing them.  You can find the website here.


One Response to “My Thoughts on Computers in the Classroom”

  1. Alec Couros January 16, 2011 at 11:03 PM #

    Thanks for your initial thoughts on technology, and for the website! I look forward to connecting with you this semester!

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