An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube

1 Feb

The YouTube Community

I enjoyed watching this video and appreciated how YouTube was highlighted as a community that included participatory media.  I think that YouTube is a fantastic website that allows people to connect all of the world.  Personally, I visit YouTube every day that I have access to a computer.  Usually, I watch videos for pleasure but I also watch them for educational purposes. (In my next post, I will actually share some of my favourite YouTube channels). In this post, I wish to comment on the video and my thoughts on YouTube communities.

My favourite part of the video was when Michael Wesch discussed YouTube as medium for community (21:28).  I think that there are many valuable communities on YouTube that allow all different types of people to connect in ways that used to seem impossible.  People with common interests can come together and share their ideas and beliefs with others.  Also, many of these people feel more free to speak their minds because they don’t have to say their thoughts to someone’s face.  Although I do believe that problems can arise from a lack of face-to-face conversations, there is value in the safety of speaking to a camera.

Another topic that I particularly enjoyed learning about was participatory media, which provides another way to connect people all around the globe.  YouTube allows people to actively participate, be creative, and share different perspectives.  It’s amazing what one video can start, such as the Numa Numa video that Wesch mentions. The video has millions of views, and not only is it being viewed, but people are actively reacting!  This video inspired many different individuals to make their own version of the Numa Numa video.  I know that the Numa Numa video was not particularly life changing, but it shows what participatory media and YouTube communities are capable of.  As teachers, I think we should be thinking of ways that we could use the idea of communities and participatory media in our classroom. What are some ways that you can think of? Please share them in the comments section below.


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