My Final Project

17 Mar

For my final project I decided that I was going to create a makeup blog that contained tutorials and resources for anyone interested in makeup.  I decided to do this because I have been interested in makeup since I was about 4 years old. I do not know why I became so obsessed with it since my mom rarely wears makeup and owns very little products.  Nonetheless, I have many memories of myself playing around in her bedroom with her small collection.   As I grew older, I began experimenting with different types of makeup and with lots of trial and error, I taught myself how to apply makeup.

Presently, I still love to play around with makeup.  I am a creative person who loves to dance, draw, play music, and so makeup is just another way that I can express myself.  I do not believe that any person needs to wear makeup or should feel pressured to do so.  Every person is beautiful and should realize that they do not need to change who they are.  I wear makeup because I enjoy experimenting, trying new products, and being creative.  I never feel that I have to wear it to feel comfortable with myself.  I feel that I should explain why I am creating this blog because some people would argue that wearing makeup is wrong.  I know some people that view wearing makeup as a way to cover up who you are.  I do not want people to think that I am trying to send the message that they need makeup to be beautiful.  I am creating this blog for people who share my interest in makeup and for anyone who is interested in getting started with makeup. Many of my friends like wearing makeup but they feel that makeup is too difficult to apply.  Thus, I decided I would create tutorials showing easy ways to apply makeup at different levels.  I think it will be a fun way to experiment with technology and different programs that Alec introduced us to.

I began working on my final project about a month ago and just edited my first video today.  Initially, I thought ‘what did I get myself into?!’  Editing a short 7 minute video took me 2 hours! However, I think I have figured out the program (Windows Live Movie Maker) and I should be able to edit my other videos faster.  I know I have a lot of work ahead of me – I have only filmed 4 videos and have plans on creating many more.  In addition, I created a Glogster and want to try out more programs.  I find myself wanting to spend all of my time working on this project because I have so much fun doing it! I hope everyone else is enjoying their final projects and I would love to hear about them!

You can find my Makeup Blog here:). Please check back for updates!


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