Tech Task #10 – Personal Learning Networks

7 Apr

Before beginning this course, I had a very minimal understanding of personal learning networks.  I could identify that they are beneficial to teachers as they allow teachers to connect with others but I could not define any other benefits.  This course has helped me to understand the many ways in which PLNs are helpful. Also, I have thought about what this means for me as a future educator.  When researching personal learning networks, I found a helpful video that outlines how PLNs are useful for educators.

The video mentions how people tend to rely on a specific person to help them with technology.  I completely agreed with his point since most schools I have been in have one "tech teacher".  This teacher is responsible for handling every technological issue or activity that happens in the school.  As teachers, we should take responsibility for our own professional development.  Developing a PLN allows us to do this because we can connect with teachers all around the world. Some of the ways we can connect with other teachers include Twitter, Edmodo, and even Facebook. We no longer have to feel like we are alone - we can connect with another educator in seconds!

I truly believe that students will benefit from teachers building personal learning networks.  They will directly benefit from the teacher's new knowledge that they will gain from communicating with other teachers.  Teachers could even invite other educators or guest speakers to present to the classroom using Skype or Elluminate. By modeling the development of a PLN, the teacher is impressing the importance of lifelong learning on the children.  Students can see how much they can learn from others and how valuable these connections can be. Students can even begin to create their own personal learning networks by connecting to other students around the world.

There are many benefits of creating a PLN.  I am eager to learn more about PLNs and would love to hear others' thoughts on the topic. I invite you to read this informative post to learn more about PLNs or visit this example.

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