Philosophy of Education

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I believe…

All children are capable of learning.
            All children are unique and teachers must continuously consider their needs and make adaptations when necessary.  I understand the importance of getting to know all of my students so that I can understand what each child needs.  I strongly believe that teachers should view all of their students as individuals who are full of potential.  Also, I believe in adapting my instruction and the curriculum to help all of my students to achieve and feel successful. 

Classrooms must be inclusive environments.
           Teachers need to create safe and supportive classroom environments for all of their students.  I believe that teachers should embrace the individual needs of all the students and decide the most effective way to include them.  Students should not be consistently removed from the classroom.  I feel that each student is an important part of the classroom community and should be aware of how special they are.

Diversity is to be celebrated.
Schools should be environments where people from various cultures, religions, races, and backgrounds can come together and build positive relationships. I believe diversity is what makes our classrooms such inspiring environments; we have so many unique people to learn from.  Diversity should be celebrated every day by being connected to all subject areas.  I believe in fostering a love for one’s self and the people around you.

Teachers need to support the development of the whole child.
Teaching is about more than just developing a child’s mental capacity; teaching is about nurturing the development of the mind, body, and soul.  I promote the holistic development of my students by providing them with a variety of learning experiences.  I understand that my students’ needs will be diverse and therefore my instruction will be, as well.  I feel that the first step in meeting their needs is by understanding my students in all domains of their health.

Differentiated instruction is essential to being an effective teacher.
            All children come to the classroom with unique interests and needs.  My responsibility is to acknowledge these needs and adapt instruction and curriculum accordingly.  I believe in providing students with different ways to learn and share what they know.  Children should be given the opportunity to learn in a way that feels comfortable for them.  I believe in continuously critically examining my teaching practices and strategies to ensure that all of my students’ needs are being met.

Learning is fun!
As a lifelong learner, I impress the importance of learning on my students by modeling a passion for knowledge.  Through the use of inquiry, I encourage my students to formulate their own questions and explore possible answers.  I aim to inspire a love for knowledge by building off of students’ interests and inquiries.


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