Units & Lesson Plans

Here are a few units and lesson plans that I have developed over the past few years.  Please feel free to take a look and make use of the resources. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

Grade 4 Health Unit: Nutrition

This is a unit that I created for my pre-internship.  This package contains everything you need: curricular connections, a scope and sequence, detailed lesson plans, all necassary print-outs, and assessment tools for each lesson. I hope you find this useful.

Nutrition Unit

Grade 4 Life Science Unit: Habitats and Communities

I created this unit for a science education course I took in my third year of university.  Like the nutrition unit, this unit contains everything you would need to implement the unit.

Life Science Unit

Literature – Based Thematic Unit: Adoption

This unit was created for the class ELIB 216 – Children’s Literature.  The unit contains 45 picture books in seven genres – modern fantasy, realistic fiction, historical fiction & biography, poetry, traditional literature, multicultural & diverse literature and informational books. The books are also divided into subject areas. All of the books are available in Saskatchewan.

Literature-Based Unit

Miscellaneous Lesson Plans

Here are a variety of lesson plans that I created for different courses, pre-internship and internship.  Please contact me if you have any questions!

Health – Respect Posters – An activity in which students use their knowledge of respect to create a collaborative “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” poster in small groups.

Physical Education – Creative Movement – A lesson that encourages children to create their own creative movement dance.  This particular theme is a birthday party but can be adapted to any theme of your choice.

Science – Habitat Expert Groups (Part 1) – A student-centered lesson in which students are placed into small groups and work together to become experts of a specific habitat. They share their information through the creation of a poster.

Science – Habitat Expert Groups (Part 2) – Students complete their posters by writing sentences about their habitat and then present their poster and information to the class.  Here are a few sentence starters that I created.

Social Studies – Family Roles & Responsibilities – A lesson plan that integrates sexual difference into the topic of family roles and responsibilities.  The accompanying sheet is available here.


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